June 13, 2011

Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw Concert

Saturday night was the Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw concert. I'm not that big of a Tim McGraw fan and I was mainly going to see Luke Bryan. The Band Perry was the first act but there was sooo much traffic that we only got to hear their last song. I will be posting pictures from the show in another post later tonight. At the majority of the concerts I go to I video record the songs. Last night was no exception. I really wanted to get Luke filmed so I could watch it over and over again.

I wanted to share my videos with you. If you get motion sickness you may not want to watch because sometimes the video and get shaky as well as blurry. I just record the concerts using my P&S camera so it's not the best quality. And since our seats weren't the best, Luke looks a little small in the footage. If there is a lot of movement by him or someone else in the shot then the camera goes blurry and tries to refocus so just bear with it if you want to watch.

Luke is absolutely adorable! He was so cute and funny. He is a good little dancer too.

He did sing other songs but I didn't record those so I could try to take pictures and also just watch him.
I don't have any good film footage of Tim. But I do have so pictures of him I will be sharing later.  

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Meghan said...

I don't really know Luke, but I loved Tim in college! Glad you had a good time!

Kelly-Marie said...

You're so lucky! I would love to have seen Luke Bryan live. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I was there 2nd row right in front..omgsh amazing concert. Was my 1st concert ever and was def. Amazing!!!! The longer haired brother brom the band perry blew me a kiss And when tim mcgraw came down the crowd he grabbed my hand!!!!

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