August 27, 2011

Countdown to Kick Off

Are you getting tired of me talking about football yet?

I do love how so many of you blog ladies love football as well. We don't get dressed up like some you do for the games but I found two cute outfits on pinterest I had to share.

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

No outfit is complete without accessories!
In just a week, I will be at home in the Coliseum...

waiting to see Traveler gallop down the sidelines after every touchdown...

and watching my cute quarterback, Matt Barkley, lead the Trojans to victory!
Fight On! Beat the Gophers!
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August 26, 2011

Under the Boardwalk

My sister and I are headed to Santa Cruz this afternoon. They have one-hit wonder bands from the 70s and 80s play free shows on the beach every Friday night. My sister has to go because she is taking a sign language class and they have an ASL (American Sign Language) intreputer there signing the whole concert.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is one of my favorite places. We used to go there a lot when I was younger. My whole 7th grade even went on a field trip there. The boardwalk is one of the oldest remaining. It opened in 1907! They have great classic rides there.
Giant Dipper Roller Coaster
The Skyglider
The swinging Pirate Ship
Looff Carousel which just turned 100 years old in August!
When I go to the boardwalk I usually dress pretty casual but when it first opened up people would dress up. I thought I would do a Friday Fancies as if I was in the 1930s/1940s going to the Boardwalk. 
Beach Vintage
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August 25, 2011

Currently Playing

It's Thursday so of course I had to share what I'm currently listening to and link up with  Sarah Elizabeth!

I am seriously in love with this song!

After seeing him on Sunday, this song has been in the rotation.

During our drive to and from Tahoe, we seriously heard the next two songs like 10 times each.

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August 24, 2011

My Weekend: Part II

While we were driving up to Tahoe on Friday, we heard a commercial on the radio for a Luke Bryan/Dierks Bentley concert. We proceeded to freak out because it was on Sunday. We weren't sure how we missed hearing about it. The concert was in Santa Rosa which is about an hour north of where we live. So I immediately tried to find out any info about the show on my phone. We decided that we would go since I have been totally loving Luke Bryan and was slightly mad he wouldn't be coming anywhere near here for his CMT tour. My sister is a bug Dierks Bentley fan and it had been a while since he saw him last.

The show, Sonoma County Country Music BBQ, was at the fairgrounds and we decided to get the VIP tickets so we could have the option to sit in bleachers and be close to the stage without having to get there early. The gates opened at 2 but Luke didn't go on until 7 and Dierks was going on at 8:30. We left Tahoe around 1:30 and there was a lot of traffic. We eventually got to the fairgrounds at 5:45. We got inside and went to the VIP area where the rude security guard told us we needed wristbands to get in that area which we didn't have and was never told we needed. So we headed back to the gate and had to go back to the ticket booth and tell them the problem. At first I was worried that they wouldn't give us the wristbands but they eventually did.

Back inside we were able to get in the VIP section and scoped out a spot for Luke Bryan. I was so excited to see him. I got some great video and a few good pictures.


After Luke, Dierks Bentley came on and I'm not a big fan but after the show I might have decided I liked him more than I previously did.
Dierks was in Vegas on Friday and they found this big boot so they brought him up on stage. Dierks and I even had a twitter convo about the boot.

If you watch the What Was I Thinkin' video you will see what I tweeted about.

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August 22, 2011

My Weekend: Part I

Hope you all have survived Monday!

This past weekend my sister and I headed up to Lake Tahoe to see Ms. Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town. But before we even made it to Tahoe we made a few pit stops. First we stopped at the outlets in Folsom because my sister wanted to stop at Bass to get some shoes. I bought 3 pairs of flats there. It was buy 1 get 2 free, how could I pass that up? Next we stopped at DSW because I wanted a pair of boots I had seen on their website. Luckily they fit perfectly! I also picked up a casual pair of denim boat shoes. So that is a total of 5 new pairs of shoes in one day! #Obsessed

I had big plans for this weekend. Like we were going to do a lot of things but we just ended up taking it easy. My big brother lives in Tahoe so we stayed at his house which was great except that he doesn’t turn on his heater and it was freezing the first night we were there. After my brother got off of work, he went to get some food before he left for the weekend.

Miranda and Little Big Town were performing at the Outdoor “Arena” at Harvey’s Casino. I put arena in quotes because it was a stage setup in the back parking lot with bleachers and folding chairs. Even though the “arena” setup was weak the backdrop was gorgeous. The pine trees surrounded the area and the sunset was pretty.
Outdoor "Arena"
The Stage
Little Big Town
They sang this amazing cover of "Born This Way". It sounded so much better than the Lady Gaga version!
I was having major camera issues this night. The "good" camera ran out of batteries and wasn't even taking good pictures. So these were the only good ones I had of Miranda. 
So Miranda starts talking about getting married and then you can tell this tall shadowy figure is coming on stage and it's Blake Shelton! The crowd went crazy. So do I! I tried taking pictures but they all came out blurry. :( The only thing I do have is this small little snipet of them singing together. They were so adorable. Love them!
Sorry for the blurriness and shakiness, I was excited!

Saturday we headed to the “other side of the island” as my sister called it. South Lake Tahoe where my brother lives is where the major casinos are but I have always been more partially to the North Shore. Our destination for the day was King’s Beach. The drive from the south shore to the north shore is so pretty. It was a clear, beautiful day.

It was around 11 when we got to King’s Beach and I wanted to try this place for breakfast I had read about on Yelp. The Log Cabin Caffe was even on the Rachael Ray show-there was a sign that said so. The wait was going to be 45 minutes so we went outside and waited but luckily every time the hostess would call somebody’s name they weren’t there so we ended up only waiting about 20 minutes. The wait was worth it. My sister had pancakes which were really good. I had a “scramble-in” with avocado, sausage, and cheddar cheese and it was delish! Def one of the best breakfasts ever. The portions are huge too so if you eat there don’t plan on eating for the rest of the day.

After breakfast we went to the beach, only problem there was no parking for King’s Beach but luckily we found this little side street with a tiny beach called Secline Beach. It was nice because it wasn’t crowded at all. When I was in the water I looked towards King’s Beach and it was packed! There were 3 families on the beach with us. One had two young teenage boys who I dubbed Prince Harry and William because they reminded me of the Royals. (Again #Obsessed) The beach was great except for these “burn-out” locals with their crazy dogs that were running around the beach.
Looking towards King's Beach
Looking towards South Lake Tahoe. There is still snow on the mountains!
View from my beach chair. Do you spot "Prince William"? 
My try at a panoramic picture. 

Part II coming later...
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August 18, 2011



I have been playing Luke Bryan's new album on repeat for the past week during my commutes to and from work. But I also love this Justin Moore song. I love his accent.

Tomorrow, my sister and I are going up to Tahoe to see Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town. So in honor of the show tomorrow, I'm playing some Miranda and LBT.

Link up with Sarah Elizabeth and let us know what you're playing!
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August 17, 2011

New Accessories

I'm so glad it's Wednesday! Just have to get though the rest of today and tomorrow and then I am off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend! I have a ton of work to do and should probably not even be blogging but I wanted to share the cute jewelry I just got from Forever 21.

I thought these earring were really cute and couldn't pass them up!

Same goes for this necklace. I mean pearls and a bow? Match made in my heaven.

I love my initials. I really want the Alex Woo Little Letter J Necklace but I don't have $798 to spend on a necklace so this one will get the job done. I mean they look very similar.

Hope you are all surviving the week. xoxo

P.S. I am a big nerd, I just now realized that the new header I made is missing the word Dots from the title and instead says Polkas! Hahah, I'll have to wait until I get home to make the change. Oops!
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August 14, 2011

Sweet Tooth Sunday

A Little Bit of This and That

I'm linking up with Michelle for Sweet Tooth Sunday!
I wanted to share the goodies I baked for my department at work. Every Monday we have staff meetings and once a month one person brings in treats for the whole department to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. August is my month even though there are no celebrations.

I baked lemon bars (from a box), oreo brownies (from a box), and red velvet brownies (homemade).

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