August 3, 2011

Dance Time

It's Wednesday.
It's the Summer.
That can only mean one thing:
So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight!
 I can't believe I haven't posted about this show before especially since the season is almost over. :( This is one of my favorite shows but I am guilty of often missing episodes but luckily YouTube keeps me updated. Because I have no life I will often rewatch all of my favorite routines on YouTube. I have enjoyed this season but I feel like there haven't been a lot of memorable routines or rountines I just love. I started watching this show during the season finale of season 3. Here are my favorite seasons in rank with my favorite dancers from each:
1. Season 4
Joshua & Twitch
2. Season 3
 Lacey & Neil!
Pasha & Anya!
3. Season 5
4. Season 7
Lauren & Kent
5. Season 2
Heidi & Travis
6. Season 8

Caitlynn & Clarice
Jess & Marko 
 I am pulling for Marko this season or Sasha. I think Melanie is an amazing dancer but I feel like she hasn't been challenged this season.

I didn't watch Seasons 1 and 6 except for maybe a couple routines on youtube therefore I don't have favorites from those seasons. 

I love this show and Dmitry so much I bought this....

I have done it a few times and it is actually a lot of fun.

One my other favorite things about this show is Ms. Cat Deeley!
She is always looking fab and I love her attitude. I hope she wins the emmy for reality tv show host!

I'll be tuning in tonight!

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Sarah said...

Everyone is obsessed with Melanie and Sasha this season, and I'm kind of over it. I loved Jess, so it's probably me. Haha. I think Marko is adorable.

Leslie said...

I've never been really into the show.. but I did watch Chelsie's season and she is too cute! I love her on DWTS!

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