April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everybody had a wonderful, blessed Easter! We did the normal: church,  egg hunt for the niece and neph, and dinner.

I made a Peep centerpiece which was actually pretty inexpensive to make! I got the last package of yellow peeps at Target Friday night! The vase was on sale at Michael's for $2.99 and I had the flowers from a previous arrangement I had made. I just love making fun centerpieces and of course pinterest always has the best inspiration!

I loved the Easter basket I got this year. Everything in it was perfect! And the basket itself is super cute! The lining is green gingham and I can't wait to find a place for it in my room.

I was intrigued by that blue Peeps package which was a crispy treat but it was yucky! I can't wait to read that Marie Clare with my favorite Leighton Meester on it. The essie colors in the basket are tart deco and the luxeffects shine of the times. I can't wait to try tart deco! My sister bought me the Tangled DVD which we first watched when we went to Disneyland in January and we both loved it! I got her the new Rascal Flatts CD which is really good. We saw a one night only movie special they had out in theaters this past Thursday and it was super cute and I can't wait to see them later this year!
If you follow Michaels on twitter they released a coupon on Saturday for 30% off your regular price purchases so I decided to go because I have been wanting to go some more crafts that I of course have seen on pinterest.
The project I wanted to complete on Saturday was...
I love mine and it was super easy to make!

The original used a 24 inch by 24 inch square canvas and 2 inch hole punched cardstock. I used a 12 inch by 12 inch canvas and 1 inch hole punch cardstock. I stuck pretty much exactly to the pinterest one, I did add an extra glitter circle. If anybody is interested in making one with the 1 inch cardstock, let me know because I will send you my extra hole punches.

Hope you all have a great week! xoxo
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April 5, 2012

one Tree Hill

Last night was the finale of One Tree Hill. I know some of you watch the show and there is a small survey going around and I thought I would do that (I skipped some of the questions). This will be my one One Tree Hill post.

First let’s talk about the finale. I actually really loved it. Of course I cried but they were tears of happiness. I think the two episodes prior to the finale had already pretty much wrapped up the major storylines of the season so all there was left to do was to celebrate and reflect. I had so many favorite parts of the episode, if you haven’t watched it yet skip this part.

I loved the speech Haley gave at Tric in the beginning because it was like she was personally talking to each one of us about watching their journey. I also loved all the little nods to things in the show’s history: the Cracker Jack box & bracelet, Felix, water balloons, Bevin! (and her reference to marrying Tim!), the brick in the wall, and there being only one Tree Hill. The scene where Logan tells Clay “you’re already my dad, Dad” melted my heart and basically any scene with Logan in it was great, he is too adorable! I loved loved loved the scene at the rivercourt with Nathan and Jamie. Nathan and Haley kissing in the rain, enough said.

 A huge highlight for me was having Gavin DeGraw perform at Tric (I already knew this was going to happen though thanks to Twitter) and having all the characters sing along to “I Don’t Wanna Be”. I found myself singing along as well. The ending was perfect having the 3 original main characters on the show do the final voiceovers while “One Tree Hill” by U2 played in the background. Mark Schwahn did a wonderful job for the fans.

Favorite Male Character: Nathan. Mainly because James Lafferty is so hot. But besides his great looks, he has an amazing heart and his love for his family is so strong and whole-hearted.

Favorite Female Character: Haley. She is just so real and sweet and loving.

Favorite Couple: Nathan and Haley.

Favorite friendship: Lucas and Haley.

Favorite Actor: James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray.

Favorite Actress: Bethany Joy Lenz

Favorite Secondary Character: Jake Jagielski

Favorite Season: Probably season 3. I actually didn’t watch the first two seasons originally. I started watching it one summer night at college when I was in my apartment alone and there was nothing else on tv.

Favorite Episode: I have lots. I like the cheerleading competition episodes, the Boy Toy episode, and the prom in Honey Grove episode.

Favorite Quote: “Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes, a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment... every part of it... will live on forever” Lucas says this when they are at the cheerleading competition and they mess up and just start dancing around.

Favorite Song played on OTH: “More Than Anyone” by Gavin DeGraw at Nathan & Haley’s wedding reception.

Least Favorite Male Character: Surprisingly Keith Scott. I think he was a great uncle to Lucas but there was always something about him that I didn’t like. Remember when he was going to marry Jules?!

Least favorite Female Character: Again surprisingly, Brook Davis. I think she was a complicated girl who felt alone but tried to masked it too much.

Least favorite Couple: Deb and Skills.

Least favorite friendship: Brooke and Haley.

Least favorite secondary character: Millie, she was too annoying for me. Also Alex.

Least favorite season: Probably 7, I had a hard time adjusting to no Lucas or Peyton.

All-time favorite One Tree Hill scene: The scene where Nathan is about to shoot the winning basket then looks over at Haley and smiles and he makes the basket without looking.

Goodnight, Tree Hill.
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