June 29, 2011


Sunday was one of my favorite events of the summer: Summerthing!

Summerthing is a FREE concert put on by one of my favorite radio stations Alice 97.3. It takes place in this big meadow in the middle of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We had gone twice before to see our favorite band, Lifehouse. This year they had an awesome lineup: Andrew Allen, Parachute, Michelle Branch, Matt Nathanson, and OneRepublic.

It started at noon but we didn't care too much about seeing the first two acts. We left our house at about 11 and we got to the park around 11:50. It took us an hour to find a parking spot. Yes, an hour! I was getting nervous/frustrated/mad that we couldn't find one since Michelle Branch was suppose to go on at 1:15 and I was worried we would miss her. But luckily we found a great spot inside the park.

When we got to Speedway Meadow, it was packed! There were never that many people the two previous times we had went. On the radio, they said normally 8 or 10,000 people show up but Sunday's crowd was near 20,000. Previously, we had also just walked up to the front and stood up to see Lifehouse but that was not happening Sunday. We tried to walk up there but got stuck since they weren't letting people in the front. We got stuck behind some of the tallest people ever right when Michelle Branch went on stage so I could barely see her. :( But she sounded great!

After her set, we decided to leave the standing area we were in and get some food. The food lines were just so long and nothing sounded appetizing so we just got IT'S-IT. We sat in some shade behind a tent and listened to Matt Nathanson's set while we ate our IT's-IT. Once we were finished we decided to get up and walk on the other side. Matt Nathanson did an awesome cover of "Don't Stop Believing'" to end his set.

Note: This is not my video.

It had been a long day already and we were both tired so we left before OneRepublic actually went on stage. We would have had to wait almost another hour for them to go on and we decided we didn't want to wait. It was too bad we didn't stay but we were ok with leaving and not seeing them. We had seen them before when they were on tour with Rob Thomas. We're hoping they come back so we can catch them again. I'm excited because we are seeing Matt Nathanson with Train and Maroon 5 in October and hopefully we will go see Michelle Branch with The Goo Goo Dolls in August.

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moderndaywife said...

Looks like a great time :-)

Turtles and Pearls said...

How fun! I love Matt Nathanson..sounds like it was a great line-up!

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