September 9, 2011

Little M.I.A.

I haven't posted since last weekend! So last weekend was exhausting! A full recap is to come once I get all my pictures. Sorry I've been M.I.A. I have missed you guys!

This week I have been trying to wake up earlier so I can get to work earlier and therefore leave work earlier so far it has been good. I'm just hoping to keep it up and make it a regular thing. We are coming up to busiest time of the year and I do not want to be staying late to get things done. I would much rather get here earlier. That snooze button just gets in my way.

I'm bummed because we were going to go to a concert on Sunday up in Sacramento but it's sold out! It's ok though, it just means I can watch football all day. I also really want to go shopping. Hopefully I can make my way out to Nordies to pick up some TOMS, my coworker convinced me yesterday I need a pair or two. Whenever I think about going shopping at the mall this song pops into my head.


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1 comment:

moderndaywife said...

Glad to have you back girl! Have a great weekend :-)

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