December 12, 2011

Christmas Movies

I know we all have our favorite holiday movies and I wanted to share mine!

My favorite Christmas movie is not very well known but it is really good.
All I Want For Christmas stars a young Thora Birch who asks Santa for her mom and dad to get back together . Ethan Embry is her brother and the two plot an elaborate plan to get their parents to fall back in love. It was made in 1991 and I remember loving this movie and watching it over and over again when it was on cable. It would sometimes be on during Christmastime but not usually. Luckily a few years, I bought it on DVD so I don't have to worry about missing. I usually watching it on Christmas Eve.

Now with the more "traditional" favorites.

The next two are two great Disney Christmas movies.
They just re-released Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas! It is definitely one of my favorites and not a horrible sequel like other Disney movies have been. The majority of the cast voices this movie. There is a lovely song called "As Long As There's Christmas" featured in it. Belle is my favorite Disney princess so of course I have this movie! 

Mickey's Christmas Carol is a cute way of hearing Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" story. The ending is always such a warm and happy ending!
My last Christmas movie I love to watch is Just Friends.

It is such a funny movie. Anna Faris is hilarious in it. If you need a laugh this Christmas season, watch this movie!

Have any of you ever seen "All I Want For Christmas"? What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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Lyndsay said...

I remember All I Want for Christmas too! It was such a cute movie. :)

Emily said...

My favorites are Eloise at Christmastime, Christmas Vacation, and Holiday in Handcuffs (i know, i know....)

xx Emily @

Anonymous said...

All I Want For Christmas was my fave Christmas movie as a child. I remember renting it even in the summer. Great movie!

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