March 22, 2012

DWTS Premiere

Monday night marked the return of one of my must see shows on television...Dancing With the Stars! I can't believe it is in its 14th season!

I was most excited for this season since one of my favorite musicians, Gavin DeGraw, is on. Unfortunately he is on the bottom of the leaderboard but I blame that on a bad song selection and weird choreography.

My favorites of the night in no particular order were:

Roshon & Chelsie - Basically I love Chelsie and she can do no wrong in my eyes but Roshon was pretty good. He did have some weird hip-hop movements in there so hopefully he will be able to control his body in the ballroom dances.

Donald & Peta - I have always loved Donald Driver since he is on one of my favorite football teams! I thought he did well and I loved his energy/enthusiam. Also I would like to wake up tomorrow and have Peta's body. Ok, thanks!

Gladys & Tristan - She moved so well and I loved all the little synced movements. It wasn't the best technically but it was a very enjoyable performance. I think she can go far. Also love Tristan and his cute Irish accent!

Jaleel & Kym - In my opinion I think this was the best dance of the night. Kym always has amazing choreography and Jaleel just made it look so easy. I would say he is a front runner for sure.  

Honorable mention:
Sherri & Val - Cute, fun dance. Love Sherri's spirit.
William & Cheryl - He is hot but it didn't seem like he did a lot of actually dancing; Cheryl seemed to do the majority of it.

How many of you watched Monday? Who are your favorites so far?

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