October 13, 2011

Game Day - Today?

Today is my gameday! USC is playing Cal tonight in San Francisco. This is special because Cal is having their stadium renovated/earthquake retrofitted and is playing all their home games in San Francisco at AT&T Park which is were the San Francisco Giants play. I am too excited to go to the game. I am hoping for a big win tonight!

I bought my tickets through StubHub because I just decided to go to the game a week ago. I'm worried that the scan on the tickets won't work and I won't be able to get in. But hopefully that won't happen!


USC Night Game Outfit

I am really excited to wear the hair bow that's in my Polyvore! I bought it on Etsy months ago and it is so cute. I didn't wear it the season opener because I wore my hair up but I will be sporting it tonight.


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moderndaywife said...

Love the outfit so cute!!! :-) Have fun!

Lyndsay said...

Have a great time! I was at AT&T Park in June when I was in San Francisco. It's such a nice stadium. Cute outfit and have fun!! :)

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