November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night we went to see Dierks Bentley! He was playing in San Jose with Jerrod Neiman and the Eli Young Band. It was a great show! I wasn't a big fan of his before but after I saw him in August with Luke Bryan I really started liking him. I even made a playlist on Spotify called "Dierks Bentley Concert Prep"! The venue was a really small auditorium with an open floor and it was interesting to watch couples dance. I have determined that it is cute when couples dance at country concerts when the guy will dip and spin the girl around and it is not cute when they are like grinding up against each other and touching each other in places I don't need to see. There was a mix of both at this show. But Dierks was amazing and we had a good time.

Before the show we went to this place called Iguanas which we saw on the show Man vs Food. the guy on the show had something called a Burritozilla which is 5 pound 18 inch burrito. I just had the regular super burrito and it was alright. I perfer the burritos from my "home" Mexican take out restaurant. But Iguanas was voted #67 on the Travel Channel's 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down in the Nation. I also thought I would unlock a certain badge on foursquare by going there but apparently I need to go to three place that Man vs Food has been.

Saturday was a big day. Earlier in the week I was looking at the badges available on foursquare and I saw an ESPN College GameDay badge. I knew that College GameDay was going to be Palo Alto at Stanford and I really wanted that badge so I thought maybe I would just go to Game Day but not go to the game. The more I thought about it the more I want to go the actual game. I know my love for USC is apparent on the blog and if you follow me on twitter but one thing you don't know is that Stanford is a family favorite. My brother and dad love the school. We have gone to the USC at Stanford game for the last three times USC has played at Stanford (they play here in even years) When I was little we had season tickets and one of my most prized possesion is this....
(my dad got this for me when he went to a game, I think I was in the 3rd grade (when were trolls popular?))

I had convinced my brother to go to the game with me after I found some reasonably priced tickets on craigslist. It was fun going to the game with my brother but not fun watching Stanford lose. I would have much rather have had Oregon lose. I was able to unlock the GameDay badge and it is one of my favorites!

A couple pictures from the game...
 Standford Stadium. It was so weird being at a college football game that didn't have USC in it.

 Kirk and Brent are in the green room! BTW, I love Kirk or Herbie as he is affectionately known as.

I love to hate the Stanford Band. They are just all sorts of wrong. The Tree is kinda funny though. The band's pregame routine had to do with the Madden video game so here the Tree is playing Madden with some band members.

Stanford's captains. Andrew Luck is #12. Sad to see his Heisman hopes go down in one game.
One of the interesting things I saw that day was the Oregon Duck out of his costume. We were walking to meet up with one of my brother's friends and we walked by Oregon's cheerleaders and I saw this guy with them carrying a big green bag so I have to assume that inside that bag was the costume. I mean what else could have been in such a large bag that was being carried by a shorter guy?

I also have a love-hate relationship with the Oregon Duck. I mean he is a rival so I have to hate him but he is pretty funny when he's on GameDay and also his ESPN SportsCenter commercial is hilarious. Hope everybody is having a good week so far! xoxo

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moderndaywife said...

Looks like an awesome weekend.ahhh trolls!! Loved those when I was little :-)

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