May 3, 2011

Weekend Report

Yes it is Tuesday but I thought I would recap my weekend activities.

Friday night I got home and was tired from my 4 hours of sleep I got before and after watching the Royal Wedding. (I slept 2.5 hours before it started and 1.5 hours after it ended). When I got home of course I had to recap the entire thing for my sister and proceed to watch E!, Access Hollywood, and Entertainment Tonight for their recaps. Then I started watching 20/20 and Dateline's Royal Wedding reviews. I tried to make it up to watch Blue Bloods at 10 but I just couldn't last (I know I'm so old).

Saturday, my sister and I went to see Fast Five but first we ate lunch at Five Guys. (I guess five was the number of the day?) It was the first time we had ever eaten then and it was so good. Seriously one of the best burgers I've ever eaten in my life. A big plus for them was that they had Cherry Coke, my fav! I really liked the movie. The whole Fast & Furious series are really the only "action" type movies I watch and really I only go see them because of Paul Walker. But no it was actually a good movie with a little bit of everything in it. I feel there were more "emotional" scenes than in the previous movies which is weird since I'm pretty sure the movie's target audience is male. I really recommend it but if you aren't familiar with the series I would say at least watch the 4th one before you see this one. Also stay through the credits because there's an extra scene they show. The majority of the people in our theater had already left but we stayed because we wanted to hear the song that was playing and I'm so glad we stayed.

Since it was so nice outside I decided to take my books and read in the backyard. I finished up Bitter is the New Black and started Something Borrowed. I liked Bitter is the New Black but I think I liked Pretty in Plaid more. I really like Something Borrowed so far. I read half of it Saturday (you girls are right when you say it is a fast read) but I haven't had time since then to read anymore. I want to finish it by this weekend so I can see the movie.

Sunday, my mom and I went to church and I was actually surprised that there weren't more people there. They did start the donuts and coffee after mass which they do when the weather is nice. My sister and her kids go to the 12:15 mass (my mom and I go to 9:15) and they have been waiting for the donuts but I keep telling them that there aren't going to be donuts after that mass because it's so late. Really after a 12:15 mass people are going to be eating donuts? I don't think so Sis.

After church, I was super tired since I didn't sleep very much the night before but one of my oldest friends and I had made plans to go to this Beer & Wine Festival. I was kinda hoping he would call and say he couldn't make it because I was sleepy but he didn't. It was a lot of fun because he hadn't seen each other in soooo long. When we purchased our glasses for the tasting we got one beer and one wine and the girl put the wine glass in front of me and the beer glass in front of him when actually I was drinking the beer and he was drinking the wine. It was warm out and cold beer sounded more refreshing to me. It was fun and I tried a lot of good beers. There was this peach champagne there that was amazing.

When I got home at 5 I was tired, hungry, sunburned, and a little buzzed so I crawled into bed and slept for 2.5 hours. I woke ate some dinner and then turned on the tv to watch the Amazing Race but instead the news was on telling me Osama Bin Laden was killed. I do think that's great and everything and I don't want to sound like a pessimist but I am just concerned what killing him means for the future. If we've done this are there others ready to avenge his death and is there somebody out there in that organization that has the power to replace him?  I understand what it means to have taken him down but I would rest assured more if I knew the whole organization was demolished. I don't like to get too political because I feel everybody is entitled to their own opinion but I  feel it is unfortunate that we have to make this victory into a partisan thing. Why must it be Obama or Bush? Why can't it just be America? The men and women serving this country are the ones we should be grateful to.

Since the news broke early enough (thank you?) at 9 the networks went back to their regularly scheduled programming but CBS being the geniuses that they are played the Amazing Race at 9 for all of us who were waiting for it at 8. The only problem with this is that Celebrity Apprentice was at the same time. I had to give preference to Amazing Race. I'm sad there is only one more episode of this season left. I missed the whole Nene vs Star fight on Celebrity Apprentice so I have to go back and watch that online. But the upcoming weeks look good. What's up with LaToya coming back? (Sorry if you haven't watched the episode yet)

I hope everybody enjoyed there weekend and is having a good week so far.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad we share a Royal Wedding obsession ;) I want to see Fast Five! But I'm going to see Something Borrowed first! Seriously my favorite book! I'm glad you're reading it! I've never been to 5 Guys, I need to try it! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Jules said...

It sounds like you had a busy, but wonderful weekend. The Beer & Wine Festival sounds like fun, especially the peach champagne. I was so bummed to be on vacation during the Royal Wedding coverage, but I’m excited to catch up on everything now that I’m home.

Halee said...

I can't believe it's already time for the Amazing Race finale! Who do you think will win? Zev & Justin have really stepped up. I'm rooting for the Globetrotters...but I'm so sad the cowboys are gone :(

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