May 5, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday

I'm linking up with the lovely Sarah Elizabeth at We're Just Like You Only Prettier for What' I'm Playing Thursday.
I am totally obsessing over this song right now. I love how unique her voice is.

I just love this song too. I love anything San Francisco related and this is one of my favorite Train songs. All the shots of the city are so pretty in this video.

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Jules said...

Adele has such an amazing voice and I'm loving her new album. I got to hear Save Me, San Francisco for the first time on the cruise and it was so great. I love Train too! So glad to have another blog friend with similar taste in music.

Jenna said...

Adele is awesome! Also, how have I never heard that Train song before?! It's great!

Heather said...

I'm growing to love Adele's music. Her voice is so powerful!

suburban prep said...

I have that song in my favorites.
I am so loving Adele.
I don't usually watch Dancing With the Stars but I hear that she is going to be on the Show next week as one of the guest artists singing.

Fash Boulevard said...

obsessed. thanks for another great post. swing by to see 3 new post today including the latest celebrity trend report. xoxo

Leslie said...

Ohh I just LOVE Adele!!! I just bought the CD this week and can't get enough!

.:Chelsey:. said...

Girl, I am loving that Adele song! Obsessed!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog and love it! Too cute! Adele blows my mind. New follower and just wanted to say hi = )

Michelle said...

LOVE Adele! She's awesome!


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