May 12, 2011

Listen Up 21 Year Old Jessica

Note: This was originally posted on Thursday but due to the Blogger issues it went back into my draft posts so I am posting it again.

Five years ago today I graduated with my first degree and if I could go back and tell my 21 year old self some things this is what I would say…

-The next few months are going to be a lot of work. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything at first; study more (at Leavey library in the basement since it is where everybody else is studying  and especially because it will get way too hot in your apartment and you won’t want to do anything if you stay in your room); try to be more friendly to the other girls in the program; do not go to the lake when all of your classmates go to TA Dan’s party (you miss out on some crucial bonding time);
-Over the next year go to office hours and meet your professors!
-Get out of the relationship you are in now in a few months, there are plenty of great people surrounding you at this moment which will make it not hurt as much. As time passes the relationship will only get more difficult which makes it hard to get out of.
-Work hard for the next few months as well as during fall semester, it will set up how you do in second semester more than you know.
-Seriously think about where you want to live after you graduate it.
-While it may hurt that you were one of the only ones to not get a job offer don’t let that define you.
-Go to that game when somebody asks you because remember he asked YOU.
-Think twice about bringing E to the party that you weren’t invited to at D’s house. Also think twice thrice about what you do and say to M after that party.
-Help Sue plan the trip to Mexico even though you don’t think you will end up going because you will and you will wish you have helped her plan so you guys don’t miss out on visiting Yaxchilan.
-Make a bigger effort to stay in touch with the people you meet in this program.
-Stay at your first job for no more than two years-you deserve better than how they treat you.
-Negotiate your starting salary better because you deserve more than they are giving you.
-Ask more questions while on the job it will save you a lot of time if you just ask for help instead of stressing over how you don’t know how to do something.
-Enjoy the times you go to Hawaii for work. Remember you shouldn’t be crying over a guy while in Hawaii.
-Try to not get wrapped up in the drama at work.
-Read more books than you currently do.
-Don’t get too involved with the alumni club.
-Get back in touch with your high school friends sooner rather than later.
-Save more money. Don’t loan it to anybody.
-Remember that the road to happiness is sometimes bumpy but nothing that you can’t handle especially since you have an amazing family to help you get through your journey.

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Kassie said...

The loaning money thing...I'm there with you. I'm always "here, take this and pay me back later", and then have to chase people to pay me back, and it's awkward, and...yea. Agreed. :)

Jana said...

This is great advice! I have a lot of theses too... Time starts to speed up when you graduate college. Every one suddenly starts taking diff paths and things get complicated. I def agree on the think about where you want to live. I should have thought about that more!!

Janna Renee said...

This is such a cute idea for a post! I wouldn't tell a younger me to do anything different, cuz I love where I've ended up, but I could definitely impart some knowledge like this to others! Very wise and thoughtful, you are!

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