July 11, 2011

Seeing Graham & Getting Marley

Hope everybody had a good weekend! I didn't do too much except for on Friday night, my sister and I went to see one of my favorite musicians, Graham Colton, play in the city. He was playing at this place that I have driven past my whole life but have never gone into so it was quite exciting. He was playing at Hotel Utah which has this little performing area that was pretty cozy. When we got there all the seats were taken so we had to stand, NBD except for the fact that I had worn my cute Madden Girl boots that hurt.

Graham played for I think an hour. It was a nice acoustic set. Afterwards he was staying to sell CDs and sign them. Originally I wasn't going to get anything but I needed to sit down before we walked to the car because my feet were in so much pain. Graham started to sell the CDs right in front of where we sat down so we proceeded to watch everybody buy there CDs and talk to Graham. It was interesting people watching. Once the line died down we decide to get our pictures with him and have him autograph our tickets and I bought one of his EPs. I have seen him 4 times and each time I have had him autograph something so I really needed to get something signed.

I bought the following clutch from Marley Lilly on Thursday and it came in the mail today (Monday). It was so fast! I was not expecting it especially since it had to cross the entire country. But isn't it totes adorbs? It reminds me of a mini Longchamp clutch. I definitely recommend this product. I may even buy a few more.


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moderndaywife said...

That clutch is so adorable love it! :-)

Michelle said...

That is so awesome!! Love the clutch too! :)

sSe said...

I love Graham Colton, but have never seen him live, so I am happy to hear that you enjoyed his show. Also that clutch is too cute! I've been on the fence about whether or not to buy it, but seeing yours has pushed me to purchase.

Lindsey said...

Love that clutch! SO CUTE! I need one in my life now!

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