July 14, 2011


Time for What I'm Playing Thursday! Go Link up with Sarah Elizabeth!

First up is an old song. Recently it has been featured in the previews for "Friends With Benefits", JT sings a little bit of while in bed with Mila because she wants to hear some Third Eye Blind. He starts to sing this song and she tells him it isn't Third Eye Blind.

Anyways, this song always reminds me of my 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. and Virginia. I bought the CD because I was in love with this song (I remember the rest of the CD wasn't that great.) I remember listening to this song on my Discman(!) while sitting on one of those big tour buses after one of the other girls on the trip turned on the A/C because it was ridiculously humid outside.

The other song I have been obsessed with recently like I have it on repeat all day long is this one by Matt Nathanson. I saw him a few weeks ago at Summerthing and I get to see him again when he comes with Train & Maroon 5!

I downloaded this song for free on itunes. Today my favorite radio station, Alice 97.3, is letting you download one of his other songs, Faster, for free. They have one free song download a day. If you want to download "Faster" for free click Here


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Meghan said...

OMG! Semisonic totally reminds me of high school! And a boy I used to like, ha!

Jenna said...

LOVE Matt Nathanson-- excellent choice!

Leslie said...

I love me some Matt Nathanson!!!

p.V.e said...

I love that Matt Nathanson song!

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