July 1, 2011

Friday Fancies for the Fourth

Happy Friday bloggies! I know most of you have the day off but I am one of the few that are working today. Since Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays (after Christmas and Thanksgiving) I thought I would link up for the very first time for Friday Fancies with {av} at Long Distance Loving.
Here is my outfit of choice to wear to Fourth of July Festivies if money were no object which is the whole point of FF.

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Sarah said...

Love that maxi dress!

Miss Lindsay said...

Cuteeee! Isn't it fun to pick out whatever you want!! If only... hehe
Happy 4th!

Ivana said...

That dress is super cute! You´ve put together a great selection!
I´m so glad I´ve found your blog thanks to Friday Fancies! I´m your new follower :)
Hope you´ll have some time to check out my lifestyle blog :)

Have an amazing weekend!
xx Ivana


Megan said...

I just LOVE red, white, and blue outfits!! So gorgeous!!

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