July 8, 2011

They're Here!

They're here!
And by they I mean William and Kate. And by here I mean L.A.
 They were in Calgary earlier today looking adorable.
Pictures of their arrival. Love the yellow dress perfect for summer!

I think she looks so cute in the next picture!
Can't we all related to this happening to you after you've done your hair?
I love how genuine William is with all the people he meets.
Later in the day, they went to the Calgary Stampede. I had previously said I have always been on Team William over Team Harry. He is looking good in his cowboy attire! He looks very manly! Kate looks adorable as always.
Here is the dress she wore on their departure. I love her hairstyle.
 Good Bye Canada!
Hello LA!

I am definitely obsessed as I was watching the live stream of them arriving at LAX on my computer at work. I also made this pictures from screen prints. #ineedhelp #royalobsessed
Kate looking fab again!
I can't wait to see what she is wearing tomorrow to the BAFTA gala and the polo match which for a minute I seriously considered going to. It only cost $400 and $375 was tax deductible.  I reconsidered. I'll just enjoy the pictures of them instead. Have a great weekend all! xoxo


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moderndaywife said...

How awesome, I love Kate's clothes she always looks so put together & classy :-)

Heather said...

I'm slightly obsessed with Will & Kate too...it's sad really.

Michelle said...

Have you ever been to the website http://whatkatewore.com/ ?

It lists all of her outfits and where to buy them.

I love them! I think they are a beautiful couple and she is just so classy and timeless!!

Notes She Wrote said...

awww William and Kate. They really are soooo adorable! Kate was BORN to be a princess, really!! :)

Notes She Wrote

meghan said...

Giada is cooking for them today, I think. She mentioned something about it on twitter. She always looks to pretty and put together. I think I might be able to if I had a royal budget, but I'm still not even sure.

You're too funny watching the plane landing live!

Kristine said...

They are just so down to Earth, how can one NOT love them!? :)

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