April 5, 2011

Alumni Club

I love my school. I am talking about where I graduated from college and grad school (I liked it so much I didn't want to leave!). The University of Southern California. I love this place. Since most of you aren't from the West Coast or more specifically L.A., I will share a little saying we have. UCLA is our rival (I usually always spell it FUCLA) and our saying is "You are a Bruin for 4 years but a Trojan for life." You always hear about the Trojan family and how strong the connections are.

Early last year I wanted to leave my job and wanted to begin networking so I thought becoming involved in my local alumni club would help with that and since I love USC it was really a no brainer for me to join the club. I went to my first meeting in February 2010 and immediately got involved. I signed up to be on the scholarship committee and help with the Club's annual dinner gala. The president was this really fun, nice lady who graduated I think in 72. However, the more I became involved the more she was asking me to do. I have a hard time saying no so I just went along with everything. It wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't keep me working on club stuff until 1AM at her restaurant. It didn't bother her since she owns her own catering place and didn't need to wake up earlier but I was still working at my job and had to get up early.

I eventually quit my job in August but I didn't tell anybody in the club for fear the executive board would make me do more. I know I should have said something to them but I feel like she really should have figured out how ridiculous it was how she was treating me. One time we were suppose to meet at 5 on a Sunday at her restaurant. She didn't show up until 5:30 and then she had to go to Nordstrom's to get some makeup she needed for the next day. Then she wanted to eat dinner. We finally went back to her restaurant and started working but it probably wasn't until close to 7!

I eventually stop returning their calls or e-mails which I know is really bad but I just couldn't take it anymore. About 2 weeks, she started emailing me about helping with the club accounting again and I was feeling bad with how I left things so I said I would help. I really didn't want to meet with her since I knew it would be weird and I think she picked up on that so she agreed that we could do everything via the phone and e-mails. We scheduled a call for 7 last Wednesday. She didn't call me until 9! Then the phone call was just like all the other times we worked together. I would say something which I knew was right and she would reply 'No that doesn't seem right.' This would go on for a long time and just waste time. So we talked for about 20 minutes then she had to call her daughter who is going through some serious issues so I understood. She called me 20 minutes later and we were on the phone for another 20 minutes. My phone dropped the call which I kinda felt like was a sign from above because I was so tired that night and I desperately wanted to go to sleep. I sent her an email and asked her for the info I needed so I could just update the accounting and get it to her by today.

She didn't get me that info I asked for until 1AM this morning. She was out of town this weekend dealing with some family business but I do think it is ridiculous she emailed me then and expected me to get it to her for the 7PM meeting that was tonight. I got a text from her today around 2 and she asked if I could get it to her by 6:30 tonight. I said I would try but I wouldn't get home until about 6. She then texts me back and is like we need it for this meeting. At that point I was pretty mad. I was bad again and didn't end getting the info to her. I was just too angry to do anything but blog about it! If things are bad I get really turned off from doing them. I know I shouldn't not respond to them but I feel like they are being really unreasonable. I am do know that I have done some wrong but please let me know if I am being a brat about this. 

It is too bad that this has happened since I really love the school and the activities the club did were a lot of fun. Hopefully the situation will improve. Thanks for listening. <3


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Heather Frost said...

I gave you an award (:


Jewels For Hope said...

Oh, I would be so mad if that happened. I don't think your being a brat at all! If she happened to be maybe a litte late once- fine. everyone has their bad days. But enough is enough! I feel mad for you after reading this haha

ps. I'm a new follower- found you through Simply Heather :)

hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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