April 7, 2011


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Last night my sister and I went to see Rock of Ages. If you haven't heard about it, it's a musical that is set in the 1980s in L.A. on the Sunset Strip. It uses a lot of great 80s rock songs. Constantine from American Idol fame is the lead in this musical but he wasn't performing last night! I was so bummed! I really wanted to see him. But the female lead was amazing! It was a really fun show! If you can, I highly recommending seeing it.

Here are a few of the performances of the Broadway cast. I actually think the touring cast was better.

Here is their Tony performance from 2009. It has a sample of songs. During the show when they sang "Don't Stop Believin'" eveybody went crazy since that is the unofficial song of San Francisco Giants (Journey is from here).

I love this next song! I have a great memory of some of my friends associated with this song and whenever I heard I smile. It was such a great moment in the show with the whole cast.

Tomorrow night, my mama and I are going to see Hairspray. This musical is being put on by a local musical theater group so it won't be Broadway quality like Rock of Ages but I am still looking forward to it. I absolutely loved the movie so I thought I would share some of my favorite songs from the movie. I wanted to put the actual scenes from the movie but they wouldn't let me embed them. :(

I did want to put "Without Love" up here but none of the videos would let me embed them! Boo! Anyways if you haven't heard it go to youtube and check it out. It is such a cute song. Speaking of cute, I am hoping that the guy that plays Link is half as cute as Zac Efron.

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Lyndsay said...

I LOVE musicals! I saw Rock of Ages on Broadway when Constantine was there. He was really good. It's a shame he wasn't there. I think he's performing on American Idol tonight.

cRk said...

My mom and I want to see Rock of Ages! I love musicals!

Michelle said...

I love musicals! I go see Broadway shows all the time! Rock of Ages and Hairspray were two of my favorites!!

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