April 29, 2011

RWR: Royal Wedding Review

Here is my review of the Royal Wedding. If you follow me on twitter you probably saw all my #RoyalWedding tweets. I hope you aren't too sick of all the Royal Wedding coverage yet!

I am crazy! Crazy about the Royal Wedding that is! I was one of the crazies that woke up early to witness history. I had set my alarm for 1:00AM because I didn’t want to miss a moment. I woke up on my own around 12:30, I guess I was excited? I knew most of the major networks (ABC, NBC, E!) were starting their coverage at 1:00 so I didn’t know what to do for half an hour. I turned on CNN since I figured they would have something since they are a huge news channel and I was pleasantly surprised. When I thought about watching the RW I was trying to figure out what channel I would actually watch. I don’t have a DVR (Yes, I know I live in 1995) so I wouldn’t be able to record multiple channels. I figured I would just go back and forth between all of them. How was I suppose to pick between Barbara Walters/Diane Sawyer (ABC), Matt Lauer/Meredith Viera (NBC), Katie Couric (CBS), Clinton Kelly/Randy from Say Yes to the Dress (TLC), and Giuliana Rancic (E!)?

When I turned on CNN, I thought how could I forget one of my favorite silver foxes: Anderson Cooper? I immediately began watching since they were the only ones who were on at that time and knew I was going to be here for the long haul. CNN also had Piers Morgan who normally I can’t stand but today I found charming. Co-hosting was one of the best reality based competition tv show hosts in my eyes: Ms. Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance. (Seriously she deserves an Emmy!) She looked gorgeous too. I couldn't find a picture of her in her dress but believe me it was pretty! I loved watching the three of them. They were really fun and I felt listening to Piers and Cat speak with their British accents added to the experience.

The arrivals began not too long after and I really couldn’t know any of the guests until these two showed up…
He looks so hot here! Posh doesn’t look so bad herself considering she is pregnant and wearing 7 inch Christian Louboutins made especially for her! Becks looked so happy to be there and he was chatting it up with everybody. I have a feeling they knew they were going to be one of the few people Americans knew so they wanted to put on a good face. Posh didn’t smile much but that’s just her being Posh.

Elton John and his other half, (David Gest?) arrived which made us all remember the last time he was in the Abbey- singing at Diana’s funeral. I enjoyed that he wore bright colors and kept his look Elton-y.
The only other person who I recognized before the bride’s and groom’s families arrived was … Chelsey Davy. I was quite disappointed with her look. I like the color of her outfit but it just didn’t look right on her. I also thought her hair looked pretty messy. Considering she is Harry’s rumored girlfriend again I thought she would have look a bit more polished.
Oh wait, I forgot another guest I knew. If you are not a swimmer and or a swimming fan then you probably don’t recognize him. Ian Thorpe is an Australian Olympic swimmer. His nickname is the Thorpedo, he won three individual gold Olympic medals (1 in 2000 in Sydney and 2 in 2004 in Athens) among others. Rumor has it he is making a run at the 2012 Olympics that just happen to be in London. Maybe William and Catherine will show up to root him on? Interesting but random/useless fact about him: on September 11th, he was on his way to the World Trade Center but forgot his camera so he went back to his hotel and ultimately missed the attacks. Ok well enough about the Thorpedo and back to the Royals.
Before I get to the good looking Royals, I have to comment on the hot mess that was Princess Beatrice.
That hat is beyond outrageous. Her eye makeup was not working for a DAY wedding. I felt as though that color washed her out a bit. Unfortunately it looks like her hair started to become undone. I did like Princess Eugenie’s whole ensemble though.

The first to leave were the boys! Honestly, how cute are they? They seem extremely close and genuinely happy. They were also looking VERY good in their respective uniforms.
Shortly after the boys, the Queen arrived at the Abbey. Doesn’t she look presh? What a sweet old grandma. 
Catherine was the last to leave with her father. Note to my parents: I want to arrive to my wedding in the same car. Please ask the queen if she is willing to let us borrow it for the occasion.
A little help from her little sister.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her gown. Simply beautiful. She truly looked like a princess.
You can tell how much they love each other and how happy they were during the entire ceremony. There were so many cute glances exchanged between the two of them.
Coming out of the Abbey as man and wife, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Perfection.
On the balcony of Buckingham Palace waving to their loyal subjects.
The KISS! It was perfect! I absolutely love the expressions on the two little girls’ faces. They are complete opposite! Hahaha. They actually kissed twice which was major (I’m stealing that from Posh; she would say it all the time on her short lived show about moving to America, who remembers that? I digress). They are so in love as they should be.
After the balcony appearance there was a breakfast reception inside the palace hosted by the Queen and the swarm of people outside were told to leave since William and Catherine would not be coming out again but they did! I would have been mad if I left and missed them. They drove to Clarence House in a convertible with a sign that said “Just Wed.” How fun! They look so happy!
 Couple more thoughts...
Who else found it adorable that Harry rode in the carriage with the little kids? Also I think Pippa and Harry would make a great couple, am I the only one who thinks that?
What do you think they are thinking???
In the end it was a lovely day fit for a prince and princess!
I'm going to celebrate tonight by enjoying these: Royal Wedding Cupcakes! (Ok I may have eaten one while I was watching the actual arrivals but like waking up at 12:30AM to watch it was worth it. It was so yummy!)
I hope you enjoyed my Royal Wedding commentary. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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moderndaywife said...

I seriously LOVED eevrything about the royal wedding, her dress, the couple all the elaborate details wow!!! Glad to know I am not the only crazy person out there obsessed with RW stuff haha :-)

Jessica said...

I was not one of the crazies up at 4:00 in the morning to watch the wedding!! thanks for doin a recap- I'm hoping to catch a re-run of the wedding or watch it online!

Michelle said...

The whole wedding was perfect! Such a fairytale! I loved it and am still obsessing over it! William looked handsome and Kate was stunning!!!

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