April 2, 2011

Out and about

I had a great first week at my job! Yesterday my supervisor took me out to lunch which was great so we got a chance to talk and she get more familar with each other. The weather has been SO nice the past few days so we when to El Torito which was right on the water. We had such a nice view from our table. It was a little hard since I gave up tortillas for lent so I couldn't have any chips :( but I was strong and just had chicken fajitas as my entree.

I actually woke up yesterday with a little sore throat and snuffy nose. I was praying that I wasn't getting sick since I can't be calling in sick after a week. I took some Dayquil and am feeling better. I guess I was really tired because I feel asleep super early yesterday like before 9PM and slept until 6 this morning.

I had to run a few errands today. One of which was to pick up my Uggs from a shoe repair place downtown. About 3 weeks ago I noticed there was this huge stain on one of my Uggs which I had no clue how it got there. I had seen advertisements for this place that specializes in cleaning Uggs that is downtown so I decided to go there to get them cleaned. I looked up on the address on Yelp and was on my way.

So I drove to that address and it did not look like that place was there all I saw was an empty storefront so I was mad I went all the way down there and couldn't find it. Later I saw the another advertisement for it and it had a different address so I thought maybe I just went to the wrong place before. I try again and drive by the new address. Its closed...now I'm getting frustrated. I drive by it again and it says it has move to the address I went the first time! I find a parking spot and decide to walk to the first address. The shoe repair place is there and I give them my shoes and they said they would be ready Saturday (which is actually last Saturday).

I went there today thinking they would be ready since he said they would be ready last Saturday but no. I get there and he tells me he is out of the steam product they use in the first step of cleaning. He was like "oh I meant to call you yesterday." I'm so glad I drove all the way downtown (it's about a 10 minute drive) again and they are still not clean. It has been quite the ordeal to get these babies clean.

I have been wanting a Longchamp for a while now and decided I would buy one. I was going to go last night but I was too tired. I went today and am now the proud owner of this beauty...
The purses I have in my current rotation are all pretty heavy and I wanted something light and this was it. I hope everybody is enjoying their weekends!

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{av} said...

I have that same color!!! Long champ bags are the absolute best...you'll be happy you did :) xoxo {av}

Jessica said...

I really want a Longchamp- love them. and I really like the color you chose!

cRk said...

Longchamp make the best bags! I have the hot pink one but have my eye out for the navy!

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