April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Thank you all for your input on what mousepad I should get. I think I'm going to get the second one from The Monogrammed Marketplace with a pink background and orange accents. I went to Michael's last night because I want to make a floral arrangement for my desk. I picked up these really cute pail type buckets and some flowers. I am still working on it because I need to get some wire cutters but I will post a picture when I'm done.

I heard on the radio this morning on my way to work that Maroon 5, Train, and Matt Nathanson are coming to a local ampitheater, the Concord Pavilion, on September 15th! I'm excited for several reasons. First, I love all of these artists; I wanted to see Maroon 5 and Train last year but I didn't, so I am not missing out this year. Second, when I say local ampitheater I mean local. It is about 10 miles from my house, it's where I had my high school graduation, and it's a nice venue. Usually the ampitheater of choice in the Bay Area for musicians is not this one. They go to Shoreline which is about 60 miles from my house. Shoreline was built by a famous concert promoter, Bill Graham, in the 1980s and I have heard both Brooks & Dunn and Rascal Flatts comment on how cool it is to be playing in the venue Bill Graham built. You can understand why musicians would prefer Shoreline over the Pavilion. The last reason I am excited is because on the next day is the Rascal Flatts concert. They're going to Shoreline but I love when I go to back to back concerts.

Have you heard of Barberry & Lace on etsy? It is one of my favorite etsy shops and I bought a couple of things from there the other day. Leigh has the cutest stuff! Here are some of my current favs!
 I have the anchor necklace and I wear it all the time! I just bought the rose earrings.
Barberry & Lace gave me the opportunity to share a 20% off referral coupon. So if you need to get a mother's day gift or graduation presents I highly recommend buying something from Barberry & Lace.

If you want to use this amazing discount, start shopping use this link and use the discount code that's displayed when making their purchase. So Leigh can tell who referred you, please put my e-mail address (jessicasruiz@aol.com) into the 'Note to seller' field when you make your purchase.


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Kelly-Marie said...

Oh wow, those are really cute items. I love the last picture. I'm going to check out that Etsy store. Happy Thursday.

moderndaywife said...

Oh I loove Maroon 5! I will def check out that cute Etsy shop too thanks for the code :-)

Caitlin C. said...

I LOVE Matt Nathanson! Oooh what I wouldn't give to see him in concert. You are a lucky gal :) And I love the jewelry in this post! Especially the nautical-themed ones - so cute!

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