April 19, 2011

How and Why I Started Blogging

Late one night I was googling different things and I remember one of the websites I went to was a blog. I was pretty unfamiliar with the whole blogging world. When I first visited that blog (unfortunately I can really remember which one it was) I really liked what I saw. From that blog I found another and another and I stayed up all night reading blogs. This was around Christmastime so all the blogs I read had fabulous posts on decorations, presents, recipes, and everything else great that you can associate with Christmas. After about two weeks of reading blogs, I decided to start my own.

I thought it would give me something to do since I wasn’t working. I have really enjoyed getting to meet and know fellow bloggers. It has been a lot of fun connecting with those of you I follow on twitter. (If you don’t think I’m following you let me know!) The most important thing for me while I write here is just to myself. I feel you shouldn’t blog for others but rather for yourself. It is great to have a ton of followers but that is not what should drive you to blog. I think blogging has actually helped me be a better person. It is easy to fall behind in life in certain aspects but blogging makes you want to be accountable for your actions. I don’t consider myself to have a very exciting life and maybe before blogging I had an even less exciting life. But blogging has made me want to do more things that I probably should have been doing before and wanted to do but I just had nobody to tell that I was doing them. I’m not sure if that makes sense but hopefully you understand.

Another important thing (actually two things) to me about blogging is to be yourself and give credit when credit is due. Obviously you follow people with similar interests but to copy somebody and pass it off as your own idea is not cool. It’s funny because when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog I was totally stuck and then I just thought of what I like so that is how I came up with my name. Then after some time blogging I find out that there are a few other blogs with extremely similar names. I felt bad since I didn’t want them thinking I stole their names but it didn’t even occur to me when I picked my blog name that there could be others with similar names; I guess I didn’t realize how big the blogging world is or maybe how small it is?

Anyway, blogging is a ton of fun. You get to meet people from all over the place, learn about new products/websites/entertainment, and just express and share yourself with others. I really enjoy reading all of your blogs and writing mine and I hope you do too!


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moderndaywife said...

I enjoy reading your blog!I got started a similar way except I was recently married & was bored since I wasn't planning our wedding anymore and here I am now haha.

Heather said...

I really, really enjoy your blog :). It's amazing how differently I view life now that I'm a blogger...I take a more interest in the things I'm doing!

Amber said...

I started kinda similarly :) I love blogging and now couldn't imagine my life without it. I love all of my friends I've made thru blogging, and some days, they are there for me more than my real life friends are. It's am amazing world, isn't it!?

Brittany said...

I am new to your blog and I can't wait to read more! i would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)


Kelly-Marie said...

I love blogging and being able to read blogs, like yours. Blogging has definitely helped me with my stress level and it's a way for me to cool off. You're right though, you should only blog for yourself and not for others.

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