January 29, 2011

A Good Day to Stay Indoors

Today is a good day to stay indoors but I went outside anyways.

I decided to take a run around the neighborhood. I usually run on the treadmill but since my brother is home and the treadmill is in his room I can't use it and I really needed to run after everything I ate yesterday. We had dinner from my favorite Mexican restaurant. Plus my sister brought home this strawberry boston creme pie cake. Yummy! Needless to stay I needed to work that off.

I got a couple of packages in the mail yesterday. The first package was the Havaianas I won in the giveaway held by Ally over at Medical Prepster.

I can't wait to wear them where when it gets warmer out!

The other package was from Amazon. I used the $20 gift card I got for $10 from Living Social to buy a couple of DVDs. I got an exercise dvd called "Skinny Sculpt with Ellen Barrett" which I will be trying out later today. I also bought That Thing You Do! I love this movie. I love the songs. I even have the soundtrack on CD that I bought when the movie first came out. I adore Tom Everett Scott in this role and Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors of all time.

I made some Funfetti brownies yesterday but they didn't come out as I expected. I guess I forgot to spread the batter evenly when I poured it in the pan and it was really thin on one side. That side got overcooked because I had to bake it longer so the thicker side would cook. Besides the overcooked part, they're pretty good.

Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend! heart clip art

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