January 9, 2011

Job Search!

Background info on me: I quit my job in August and I have been unemployed since then. It was completly my choice to quit my job. I haven't really looked for a job in the past few months because it was so nice to just not do anything however the time has come for me to get up and get going on the job search. I quit my previous job for a variety of reasons. A few of those reasons were: I didn't like the commute, I didn't like how things were run at that company, I never felt secure and there were many occasions were I felt so run down and defeated by working there. I feel it was necessary for my emotional health to leave that job and I did. I've always felt that life is too short to be doing something you don't love.

Luckily I still live at home with my parents and older sister so I have their support which made the transition possible for me. For the past few years I saved quite a lot (mainly due to not paying for rent) so I have been able to stay unemployed for this long. After the shopping frenzy I went on during the holiday season and even post holiday season, I really need to find a job.

I forgot how hard it is to look for a job. I had tried to find a job while working at my last one but I would come home so tired from work and couldn't devote enough time to look for something. I have so far applied for about 8 different positions. I was so mad at myself because out of those 3 I sent the wrong resume to the prospective employers which you know automatically basically puts me out of the running for the job.

Last Thursday, I got a call from one of the other places I applied for. I actually applied for two different jobs there but I figured it couldn't hurt right? The job is about 15 minutes from my house which I immediately loved. I hated that somedays my commute was so bad I would spend (or waste in my opinion) 2 hours (one going and one coming) on driving or taking public transportation to get to and from work. I felt my time could be better spent elsewhere. So I have an interview with these people on Tuesday!

I'm pretty nervous because I completely forgot how much preparation goes into the interview process. What to wear, what to say, what to ask. It doesn't help that I am interviewing with 5 different people at the company. The HR manager e-mailed me a schedule of the interviews and according to the timetable the interviews will last from 8:30 to 12:00! I'm trying to review different things to say in the interview and there's so much. I don't have a ton of interview experience because my old job was the one of two jobs I interviewed for. See why I nervous?

I'm just going to review more questions and answers tonight and all tomorrow so I can be really prepared on Tuesday and they will want to hire me on the spot. I'm trying to be very optimistic about the situation. I really want this job!

I am going to be prepared and confident when I go in there on Tuesday.

Ending thought: Yesterday I told my 6 year old niece I had a job interview this week and she was so adorable when she said "You have a great personality. I think they will like you." I hope she's right.

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