January 16, 2011


As I was getting ready for church this morning, one of the last things I put on was my perfume. Its usually the last thing I put on when I go out. I normally wear it unless I know I will be somewhere in close quarters like an airplane or on a job interview because not everybody may not like my fragrance and I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable. Imagine sitting next to somebody for 5 hours on an airplane that smells unpleasant.

My favorite type of perfume comes in rollerballs. It allows me to buy several different scents so I can have a few to wear depending on my mood. Sephora always has them and a few new ones always seem to pop up during Christmas time since they make for great stocking stuffers. I love the size of them because you can always toss one in your purse or bad and reapply if you feel you need to. Also I feel you can really target the area you want the perfume on since you are applying it directly on the area.

My two go-to fragrances are Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs Daisy. The regular Marc Jacobs is a classic scent and Marc Jacobs Daisy is a fun floral scent I usually wear on the weekends.

The two of the fragrances I use for night have very different scents. I use Ralph Lauren Romance if I'm in "sweet" mood as it is a more delicate scent. If I am in a more "sultry" mood I use Stella McCartney Stella. Stella is perfect for when you go out dancing and Romance is great for date nights.

I highly recommend getting one or two rollerballs to supplement your perfume collection if you don't already any.

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