January 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Even though it's a month away and I don't have anybody to share it with (besides friends) there is just too much cute Valentine's Day related items I had to share.

These Valentine's card are so adorable and are so me. I found there here.

These treat bags and stickers would be perfect for handing out at work or to friends at school. I'm not sure what I would fill them with since I don't like conversation hearts. Maybe pink and red M & M's? These come from the same Etsy seller TwoPoodlePress.

What is Valentine's Day without the appropriate sweets? You can always whip up a batch of cupcakes but you need something appropriate to wear.

I was out shopping today at Kohl's and saw this adorable apron. Its reversible too! The perfect thing to be wearing when you cook the Valentine's dinner for your guy or when you bake cupcakes for your friends.

Speaking of cupcakes...

This is also at Kohl's. It's not super Valentine's-themed which is great so you can use it year-round.

One last thing from Kohl's...

You can hang this up and instantly brighten up the room and it adds the perfect amount of decoration without going overboard.

Even though I don't like to at conversation hearts I thought these are adorable...

These are just stickers but I bet you could but them on a white background and even frame them and you have an instant decoration piece.

I think any of these items would make Valentine's Day a little bit more festive. So regardless of what your plans are for the day, make sure to have a good time.

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