January 7, 2011

Wedding Movies

I had a $30 gift card for one of the best stores ever TARGET! :) So I headed there today to see what I could get me hands on. I decided I would buy either some movies or books.

The first stop in the store was the dollar bins. I can do some serious damage there. Of course they put out the cutest items in the $1 bin for Valentine's Day. I got these adorable magnetic notes and these super cute little gift boxes with a kinda of damask pattern on them. I'll have to find something to use them for.

I made my way over to the movie/book area. I picked up the Bride Wars DVD and the book Pretty in Plaid (which I plan on reading in order to meet my New Years goal, see previous post). Bride Wars was the last remaining wedding-themed rom-com DVD I did not have.

I LOVE wedding movies. Father of the Bride is what started it all. It is still one of my favorite movies. I can just watch it over and over again. Included in this collection is My Best Friend's Wedding, The Wedding Planner, and 27 Dresses.

I remember in college I said that if I could pick any job to do I would be a wedding planner and somebody was said 'Oh like J.Lo?' I love each movie for different reasons. I love 27 Dresses because the guys (James Marsden and Ed Burns) are so cute. I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves wedding movies.

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