March 19, 2011

Prom Memories

I am volunteering again for the Princess Project today and whenever I'm there I am always reminded of my prom.

In my high school we had Junior Prom and then Senior Ball. I really wasn't planning on going to the Junior Prom but at the last minute my friends persuade me to go. So since it was last minute I had no date and no real dress. All my friends had dates and nice dresses. The only formal dress I had in my closet was the bridesmaid dress I wore for my sister's wedding (it wasn't as bad as it sounds). I remember the day of the prom because I really didn't want to go not because I didn't have a date, ok maybe partly because I didn't have a date but I knew I would feel uncomfortable the whole time. Anyways, we were all suppose to meet up at my friend CW's house for pictures. My other friend SR was running really late because she had a soccer game and went to get her hair done which was taking longer than she anticipated (I should note that she was/is a bit of a tomboy so it was a BIG deal she was even going to the prom). I remember everybody was getting frustrated with her and she was about to not even come but eventually she showed up.

We got to the prom and I barely remember dancing at all. Actually as I am writing this post I just remembered how one of my friend's date was dancing and it totally took us girls by surprise because we were totally not expecting him to dance like that. I feel like we were hardly even at the prom. I remember SR being upset and we had to console her, typically Prom girl drama right? The one highlight of my whole Junior Prom, actually the only highlight, was when me and my bestie LM ran into our Senior Boy crush SO and he stopped to take pictures with us! That seriously made my night and I think my year. The only bad thing is I don't know where those pictures are now. :(

Senior Ball was so much more relaxed. All my girlfriends (except for I think 2 or 3) went solo (the number of good guys at our school was super low) and we had such a fun time. A small group of us had dinner at a friends house before the dance and she and her mom decorated and made it really nice. One of my friends JP drove us to the venue and I remember we were sitting in traffic at the toll booth at the Bay Bridge and we saw some of our friends and we just rolled down the window and started talking with them. I loved the dress that I wore that night. I actually still have it and need to donate it to the Princess Project.

What are your prom memories?

I leave you with one of the most infamous prom scenes in all of cinema...

(I mean it is totally realistic for a group of students to bust out with a choreographed dance right in the middle of prom, right?)

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ROS said...

I have been the chairmen of my school's prom committee this year and last year. I love planning and getting ready for such a special event. We like to call prom drama "prama" because it is such a unique kind!

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