March 7, 2011

Greek Finale

One of my favorite shows currently on television is ending tonight.

I started watching this show because the DVDs were on sale at Target and bought them. I watched the all the episodes of that "chapter" and fell in love. It is such a easy going show and you can probably related to something from each character. Of course Spencer Grammer is so adorable in the show as Casey and you either want her to be with Cappie or Evan. Personally, I like Evan because Cappie seems too childish for Casey. Rusty, Dale, Calvin, and Rebecca were freshmen when the show started and have really grown into their own. I think that the show could have gone on for a little while longer with the four of them as the leads but I know a lot of the fans love the Casey-Cappie-Evan triangle.

The thing I am most sad about (besides the show ending) is how it will end. I felt last week's episode left much to be desired and I can't see how the writers will wrap everything up in 1 final hour. I'm glad that there is a series finale though because a lot of my favorite shows get cancelled and I never get a proper goodbye. One of my favorite finales ever was the Dawson's Creek finale. It was kinda a mini-movie since it was 2 hours long but I felt like the story of the whole series came together for one last time and gave the viewers closure. I fear with Greek that they will just solve all the problems so easily and then that will be it. I'm sure I will still enjoy the episode though because it is never too serious and maybe that's why things on the show will wrap up easily in the last hour.

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Lyndsay said...

I hate it when one of my favorite shows ends.

I loved the Dawson's Creek finale too. I'm not sure I loved how they killed Jen off, but I was glad they fast-forwarded a few years and there was closure to all the story lines.

I gave you an award on my blog. :)

Michelle said...

I hate when shows end too!

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