March 18, 2011

Travel Etiquette

The WSJ had a fun article about travel etiquette titled, "So Who Gets the Armrest?"

This fun graphic shows 3 situations you are likely to find yourself in while on a plane. Some of the "experts" responses are really interesting and kinda weird.

Here is my opinion on each one:
Armrests - if you sit in the middle then you should really get both. If I sit in the middle I try to claim at least one because once I was on a flight where I didn't have one have and I was very uncomfortable luckily it was a short flight. If I sit on the aisle or by the window I will usually lean away from the middle so I don't have to come into contact with the person sitting in the middle.
Reclining - I used to never recline because I didn't like being reclined on. Then I was getting reclined on a lot on my flights so I decided to start reclining. I will usually only put my seat back on long flights (what's the point of reclining on an hour long flight) if I am trying to sleep but since I can never fall asleep I will usually but it back up. I don't even put the seat back all the way because then I feel like I am way to close to the person sitting behind me.
Restroom Usage - As a general rule I don't use the restroom on planes. But if I was in this situation sitting by the window I would wake up the people I was sitting next to because I am sure they would do it so why should I suffer just because of where I am sitting? How awkward would it be to try to climb over people? On long flights when I may have to use the restroom I usually sit on the aisle anyways so I don't have to be in this situation.

How would you/do you handle these situations?

I hope everybody has a fun weekend!

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Bracey Pate said...

This is the perfect post for me! I'm flying down to Fort Lauderdale on Monday!

pittsburghprepster said...

I just traveled all day yesterday, and this is hilarious and very good advice in avoiding awkward situations!

Michelle said...

HAHA I love this! You gave some great advice! :)

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