March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday afternoon we left at about 3 for Reno. There was actually a lot of traffic so we didn't get there until 7 (it is usually a 3 hour drive). The drive up was pretty uneventful. I was so tired because I had slept for about 5 the previous night because I was watching all of the Japan disaster coverage and I woke up early because I was paranoid that a tsunami was going to hit the Bay Area and I would have to pack up my stuff and leave. (Note: I live about 30 miles from San Francisco so the probability that I would actually have to evacuate my house would probably be small but you can never be sure right?) Also Wednesday night I slept for like 3.5 hours (I tend to have insomnia) so needless to say I was pretty tired. Every time I tried to fall asleep in the car my sister would wake me up (Thanks sis!). I read a little until it started getting dark and by that time we were really in the mountains. I tried taking some pictures from the car but for some reason they were coming out with a blue tint. Not sure why though. We finally get to Reno and meet up with my brother, check in and eat dinner (I'm starving by that time as well since I only ate cheese and Ritz crackers for lunch). I was exhausted so my sister and I went back to our room. My brother and parents went to gamble.

We woke up late Saturday and ate breakfast and then headed to a different casino that was a few miles away. The Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino is pretty big. My brother, sister, and I bowled a couple of games while the parentals gambled. There was a gun show and a dog show in a few of the ballrooms. There were a lot of cuties at the gun show (and even the dog show!) But I woke up that morning and I wasn't feeling 100% I think due to my lack of sleep and it was really dry in the hotel room so my nose was all stuffy. I had to hydrate like no other while we were bowling. I lost both games but I'm not very good at bowling so that was expected. Once we were finished bowling we went back to the casino to meet up with my parents. I played an Amazing Race themed slot machine! The only time I won was when I got 5 Phil faces which made me happy since I love Phil. I really wanted to play this Wizard of Oz slot machine so when I saw it was open I walked over to it but  then this lady who was playing two machines away got up from her machine and totally swiped it! Then she just smiled at me and I was like that doesn't make it right. We eventually left there and went back to our casino.

We rested up and grabbed some dinner before seeing George Lopez. My dad didn't want to see him and I know he wouldn't have enjoyed it if he did so he just gambled while the four of us went to the show. We had pretty good seats, two of which were free, thanks to my parents' casino host. There was a guy who warmed up the crowd who was pretty funny. Finally George came out on stage and he was great. The show was sold out and the crowd was pretty good. Some of the things he said made it awkward since I was there with my mom and brother but it was alright. After the show my sister went to the room but I wanted to play. I finally got to play the Wizard of Oz machine which was fun (because of all the animations) until I lost A LOT. I had wanted to play the Sex & the City slot machine a year ago when we went to Tahoe so I was on a mission to find it here and I did. It was such a fun game and I won a lot from it but then lost it again. That was by far my favorite slot machine ever! It played little clips from the show and you got to play "mini games" based on the characters.

After a couple hours my brother and I decided to turn in and left my parents in the casino. Sunday was my parents actual anniversary. We checked out of the hotel which was hard with the time change. We said goodbye to my brother and we headed home. It was lightly snowing while driving home which made the drive that much more fun. I ended up finishing the book I was reading (Pretty in Plaid - #2 of 12 of my goal). We got home and went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant for dinner with my oldest sister and her kids. Remember how I gave up tortillas for Lent? It was so difficult going to that restaurant but I made it through. My niece and nephew had baked a cake for my parents and even make chocolate covered strawberries to put on the cake (they are so gourmet!).

I spend last night watching The Amazing Race (I do not like Christina's father) and Celebrity Apprentice (I'm so sick of Star Jones and LaToya Jackson's voice creeps me out) while preparing for an interview I had today. The interview went well in my opinion so hopefully I will get the position because I feel like I'm not getting many responses from the resumes I have sent out so far.

I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too. (Sorry for such a wordy post and no pictures!)

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Pre-Med Prep said...

What a fun weekend! Christina's dad annoys me, even though his eating made me laugh. He outlook towards people makes me angry.

Halee said...

I don't like Christina's father either!!! He is such an airhead!!! I did think it was hilarious when he kept trying to eat that candy, but mostly because I think he's so dumb, not because I think he's funny. I predict a huge screw-up by him that will get them kicked off. And what is up with the whole "you're still racing?!" This is twice now!!!

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