March 9, 2011

What I’m Giving Up & Mom's Birthday

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. For this Catholic, I really want to give up a few things. Here is what I’m giving up for 40 days:

1. Tortillas – This is significant since I’m Mexican and we eat tortillas all the time. By giving up tortillas I am also giving up everything made with tortillas i.e. burritos, tacos, chips (nachos), and quesadillas. I know giving this up with be significant because I can’t even think of an extended period of time when I don’t eat them.

2. Online Shopping – Since I’m currently unemployed I really have no business shopping period. But I do a lot of online shopping; it is just so convenient. I am going to make 2 exceptions to this though: 1) I should be receiving another CSN gift promo code I won and will have to use it before it expires and 2) If any concert tickets go on sale during the 40 days I will also buy those.

3. Fast Food – I don’t eat a lot of fast food but I will not eat any for the duration of Lent. FYI I do not consider Subway fast food but for this exercise I will consider Round Table Pizza fast food.

4. Soda –Again, this is something I don’t consume a lot of but I will not partake in any for 40 days.

In addition to giving things up for myself, I plan on giving back things to others. I plan on donating $40 to a worthy cause at the end of Lent.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and we had a nice day. We all (me, my 2 sisters, and mom & dad) went to see Unknown. The only thing I knew about the movie was that he lost his identity and nobody would believe who he was. It was a pretty good movie, I definitely recommend. I also love Liam Neeson. Diane Kruger is also in the movie which was difficult for me since she is currently dating the celebrity I should be dating Joshua Jackson. I just had to overlook that fact during her scenes and not hold it against her.

We went to the Outback for dinner. We hadn't been to the Outback in about 16 years, no joke. We went one Mother's Day and my mom order and she wanted a baked potato with her steak. Then they told us they ran out of baked potatoes. Honestly what kind of restaurant runs out of something that a popular item? So needless to say she was not happy and we never went back until yesterday. There were 8 of us (me, my sister, my other sister plus her husband & two kids, and mom & dad) and we were seated relatively quickly because they had to but two tables together. So we sit down and start looking at our menus and then all of a sudden my bil (brother-in-law) gets up and tells my sister he is going to ask the hostess to move us because he thinks the table is too crowded (which it wasn't). So the hostess got us a new table and we had to move which was totally awkward and embarassing since we carried our menus and place settings to the new table. The new table was totally smaller, I had no room! So really after that he really annoyed me and then when we were having cake at home we were all talking and he made some comment that really just did not go over well with me. The good and most important thing is that my mom seemed to have a great day. I'm glad I got to spend it with her.


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LKO said...

Wow, you're giving up a lot! But that's great.

Michelle said...

I'm giving up soda and fast food too even though I don't have them often! I should give up online shopping! Baby steps, baby steps HAHA

Bracey Pate said...

You're giving up so much! Good luck!

I'm giving up french fries...had my last ones yesterday! :)

Heather said...

Good luck with all the stuff your giving up for Lent!

Kate said...

Wow, girl, you are giving up a lot of stuff! Fast food, soda and shopping are definitely things that I should give up too.....but I probably won't. haha I'm not really giving up anything just being more conscious about spending time reading my Bible and focusing on my relationship with God.
Hope this season of preparing for Easter is a peaceful and focused one for you!

Alex Carter said...

Thats awesome that you're giving up all that stuff!! Good Luck!!!

cRk said...

Good for you!! Good luck!!

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