February 27, 2011

5 Things I Can't Live Without....

cRk at Preppy Lane tagged me for 5 things I can't live without.
Since I did one for my daily necessities here, I decided to do 5 Things I Can't Live Without on an airplane.

1. Fiji Water Bottle. I get really dehydrated on long plane rides and since they only use those tiny cups on aiplanes I buy a bottle before I board. I love Fiji water since the bottle is always the perfect size for a flight.

2. Ipod Nano. I can't survive without music on a plane so this is essential for me. I'm weird because I will watch the movie that is playing on the plane but usually just listen to my ipod.

3. Neck pillow and Eyemask. Airplane pillows and blankets gross me out. So I bring my own pillow to try to sleep. I'll put the eyemask on but after about 20 minutes of just sitting there I take them off because I can never  fall asleep on airplanes even though I wish I could.

4. Snacks. This is general thing because I'll get hunger on flights and I like to bring my own because I have been on flights that giveaway funky snack mixes that taste weird.

5. US Weekly. I subscribe to the magazine and usually read it whenever I get it. But whenever I go on vacation I will save it and read it on the plane. Just one of my little quirks.

Thanks cRk for tagging me,  so sweet of you!.

I'm tagging:
Katy at Heart & Sole

 Hope you all had a fabulous week


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cRk said...

Thats a great list!!

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