February 21, 2011

Five Things

Simply Southern Me tagged me for The Five Things You Can't Live Without! Thank you for tagging me! <3

My five things are my blackberry, water bottle, chapstick, sunglasses, and gum. Each is necessary for me. Obviously, my blackberry is my lifeline to connections so I need it. I love these sunglasses I actually have a pair in black and another one in brown. I'm obsessed with pearly white teeth so I will always pop some Trident White gum in after I have coffee or any food or drink that can stain my teeth. If I don't use chapstick my lips get really dry but I'm always losing them. I have like 10 different chapsticks scattered around so whenever I need one there's usually one around. Finally, my water bottle is essential because I drink water the majority of the time. I like using a reusuable bottle to cut down on waste.

What are 5 things you can't live without? I'm tagging eveybody who hasn't done this yet. I want to know so share with us!


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1 comment:

* Jessica * said...

I am right there with you with the sunglasses! I cannot STAND what I like to refer to as "squinty weather" where it's not exactly sunny but still bright enough for sunglasses. I have a pair that live in my purse, in my car, in my house, etc.... I will not go without sunglasses! :)

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