February 1, 2011

100 Things

I was reading a blog a few days ago and I saw that she had compiled a list of 100 things about herself. I had seen others do this so I thought I would do it too. I thought this would make a good post to start off the new month (where did Janaury go?). Its kinda hard to put together 100 things about yourself. I would start and then move on to something else. So this list took me a few days to complete but here it is.

1. I live about 30 miles east of San Francisco in a typical suburban town.

2. I’ve lived here my whole life except for when I went to college.
3. I still live in my parents’ house with my older sister.
4. My older sister is my best friend.
5. I have two older sisters and one older brother, I’m the baby!
6. I enjoy watching sports of any kind really but my favorites are football (pro and college), tennis, and swimming.
7. Sometimes I feel like I’m a 15 year old girl because of the things I watch on tv.
8. I LOVE Disneyland.
9. One of my favorite places to vacation is Kona, Hawaii.
10. My family and I are a bit obsessed with Mayan pyramids.
11. We have visited 8 different Mayan archeological sites and are planning to visit more this December.
12. I love cherry coke.
13. My go-to Starbucks drink is a skinny vanilla latte.
14. I tend to buy the same style of clothing or accessory in multiple colors.
15. I own way too many eye shadows.
16. I used to bite my nails all the time when I was younger but then stopped when I heard a male celebrity liked long nails on a girl.
17. I’ve been to probably 80 concerts in my life. (This is a guesstimation, I have lost track over the years)
18. I am a proud alumnae of the University of Southern California. Go Trojans, Fight On!
19. I prefer stud earrings over dangling earrings.
20. The only type of gum I like to chew is whitening gum i.e. Trident White, Orbit White
21. I’m a perpetual planner.
22. After a traumatizing haircut in the 3rd grade I have never had my hair shorter than shoulder length.
23. I have had glasses since the 2nd grade.
24. I didn’t start wearing contacts until the 9th grade.
25. I love disco music.
26. One of my biggest regrets is not taking dance classes when I was younger.
27. I will watch the same movie over and over again.
28. I enjoy taking landscape photographs.
29. I own a ton of DVDs that I haven’t ever watched.
30. I like my hair to be straight even though I have curly hair.
31. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal.
32. My favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
33. I’m a pack rat.
34. I have a nephew and a niece that I absolutely adore and would do anything for.
35. My sister and I want to be on The Amazing Race.
36. I used to hate country music but now I love it (most of it anyways).
37. I’m a slow reader.
38. I love American History, especially Revolutionary War History.
39. I watch Dancing with the Stars more for the Pro Dancers than the “Stars”.
40. If I could have any job, I would be a wedding planner.
41. My best stroke in swimming was the Butterfly.
42. I go through a pair of headphones pretty easily.
43. I have a master’s degree in accounting.
44. I don’t know how to ride a bike.
45. My favorite food of all time is the enchiladas my Grammie used to make.
46. I don’t eat fish.
47. I have 3 American Girl dolls.
48. I’ve started planning my wedding even though I am not engagement nor do I have a fiancĂ©.
49. Before I got my car I really want an SUV.
50. I ended up getting a sports car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
51. I’m currently unemployed.
52. I quit my first job out of college because I figured life is too short to be doning something you don’t love.
53. I love fresh cut oranges.
54. I fell off a horse once.
55. My father is from Mexico and my mother is from Nicaragua.
56. The only Spanish I know is what I learned in middle school, high school, and one semester in college.
57. I want to take a cross country road trip.
58. My favorite actor is Joshua Jackson.
59. I could never be a vegetarian.
60. I whole heartedly believe N SYNC will get back together.
61. I think its fun to eat cereal out of mugs.
62. In the winter time I like to turn up my space heater in my room and wear shorts.
63. I can never not buy anything when I go to Target.
64. I have a hard time finishing yogurt.
65. I love anything apple scented or apple flavored.
66. I prefer Pilates over yoga.
67. I was a lifeguard one summer when I was 15.
68. Penguins are one of my favorite animals.
69. Pajamas are the most comfortable things to wear, IMO.
70. My favorite holidays in order are: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.
71. I was born the day after Thanksgiving in 1984.
72. I love the Tiffany Blue color.
73. I hate asking people to pose for pictures.
74. I like to add lemon slices to my drinking water.
75. I don’t like winter “snow” sports.
76. I do like to go to the snow and just play in it.
77. During the summer, I get REALLY tan.
78. I think avocados make certain foods taste better.
79. My favorite type of cookie is a snickerdoodle.
80. Lifehouse is my favorite band.
81. I have bad insomnia.
82. I feel lost without my blackberry.
83. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies n cream.
84. On most days, I will either wear pearl stud earrings or diamond stub earrings.
85. I keep a chapstick everywhere because I’m always losing them.
86. Sunglasses are essential to me.
87. When I hear a song with a good beat, I envision dance moves to go along with it.
88. I watch a lot of reality tv shows.
89. I shake my foot and or leg when I get bored.
90. I love watching fireworks.
91. I use Crest toothpaste.
92. I can’t cook.
93. I want to learn to speak Italian.
94. I don’t have a favorite season; I like each for different reasons.
95. When I was 8 my ear drum broke at a college basketball game.
96. I was a seatfiller for an awards show on VH1.
97. I’m not a good public speaker.
98. In elementary school I wanted to be a teacher because I loved my teachers so much.
99. I’ve never been on a cruise.
100. I love snorkeling.

If you read this whole list, I'm glad to have shared random tibits about myself!

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Simply Southern Me said...

Cute post! I use three different kinds of Crest toothpaste every day (formerly a pre-dental student) lol

Jessica said...

I tried leaving a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me. :( I tried it on a few different posts but it never seemed to load the comment section. I wanted to let you know so you can get it fixed. Hopefully you'll read this comment. Thanks for following me! :)

steffie said...

Hi Jessica...I am Stefania from Florence. I love your 100 things list. Great Idea. I will do it. I love disco too...in april 2011 in Florence there will be a special night for it...look at www.ilovedisco.net... or http://www.livestream.com/ilovediscochannel

"Florence is my dance floor" :)

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