February 11, 2011

My first blog award! Another Giveaway!

I received my first blog award yesterday from the lovely Gabriella at Two Peeps and a Pooch!  Thank you, it made me so happy!

1. Who/What inspires you?

 My dad inspires me. He worked hard his whole life to provide for his family and even though he didn't have a lot of opportunities it didn't stop him from achieving a lot.

2.What is your favorite season & why?

I love them all for different reasons but I love Summer. I love the weather, going to the beach, BBQs, and vacations.

3. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Running a 5K at Disneyland in September. I have a ticker for it at the bottom of the blog!

4. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?

It would be about what I've learned during job searching and my first job.

5. What is your greatest passion?

Doing what makes me happy and following my heart.

6. If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be.

I would be a better public speaker. I get so nervous talking in front of crowds.

7. Lastly, what is your favorite novel?

The Great Gatsby.

The 5 people I am giving the award to are:

I have another giveaway to tell you about. Cait @ Fierce, Fit, and Fabulous is having a giveaway for a Coach Bangle!

  Click here to enter the giveaway!

 Have a nice weekend!


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Cait said...

love the post girl and thanks for mentioning my blog :) you're fab!

Jenn W said...

thanks for the award :)

Anonymous said...

Cute Blog! I found it through caits. Im excited to read more! :) Have a good weekend!

* Jessica * said...

Thanks for the blog award!! It's my first one too and I'm way excited! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

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