February 28, 2011

Oh Mama!

My mother is one funny lady. Yesterday was no exception.

First, we went to church and when we get in the car to go home she asks me if I saw the young man who was sitting in front of her. I told her that I had (Of course I had seen him; he was by himself, no ring on his left finger, cute- how could I not notice?) and then she proceeds to tell me the following: "You know the other night I was thinking and hoping that you would find a nice Catholic boy at church. And here is this guy, you know he said his little prayers and gave his checks during collection. I don't know if he was your type but he seemed like a good guy." How funny is she that she was totally checking him out during the whole mass? (But so was I.) Hopefully I see him again. We sit in the same general area every time so hopefully he sits near us again and she can make small talk with him or something in her cute motherly way.

We were watching the Oscars and there were some great quotes of hers I had to share.

During the opening video montage when Anne and James are sitting at the table with Leo from Inception, my mom says, "Wait, I don't remember them being in the movie." Oh Mama!

Later during the show she asks, "Was 127 hours about the Chilean miners?" Oh Mama!

There was one more but I can't remember it but it was just as funny as the other two.She is so funny but not very up to date with the movie industry. I love her so much!!!

In other news, guess what?! I have 25 followers!!! That means it's giveaway time! I'm going to post about the giveaway tomorrow so get ready to enter! I hope you guys like what I plan on giving away!


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1 comment:

moderndaywife said...

Yay for 25 followers, I just hit 50followers so I am going to post my giveaway this week too :-)

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