February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've linked up with Jamie at this kind of love  for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving my church. It is celebrating its 60th year. A few weeks ago they had a slideshow during mass with photos from the past. It was so neat to see how the area look 60 years ago. There was nothing around the church which was actually a barn on a farm.

I'm loving Valentine's Day e-cards. I don't have all of my friends' addresses so I'm going to send them e-cards. I will most likely be sending them all e-cards from Kate Spade's B Mine Valentines. Check them out they are so cute. Check out this cute one by The College Prepster

I'm loving how I finally organized all my pictures and video clips that are on my computer. I'm saving them onto my external hard drive and I wanted them to be in the correct folders so I would be able to find them easier.

I'm loving that Modern Family is on tonight. I've only watch a couple episodes but each episode is hilarious. I'll probably buy it on DVD because I like to watch tv shows on DVD because you can get through a few epsiodes in the same amount of time you would spend watching a movie.

I'm loving my family as always.


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1 comment:

Gabriella said...

Love all the things you are loving. I too love to find other bay area people! I am going to follow you too! :)

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