February 2, 2011

what I'm loving Wednesday

Wednesdays seem to come around quicker now that I'm linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving my new water bottle. Its a Thermos Intak. I had a Kleen Kanteen but it was getting too heavy to carry around so I wanted to find something that was made out of plastic but BPA-Free. I bought this one at Target. It is so easy to drink out of and it was this dial on the side to turn to see how many times you've refilled it so you can keep track of your water intake. I bought it in purple because that was the only color besides gray but I want it in pink too! I highly recommend it.

I'm loving that Blue Bloods is on tonight. I'm usually not into "heavy" dramas but I was first attracted to the show because Will Estes (J.J. Pryor from American Dreams-one of my favorite shows) is in it. I have really grown to love it. I love that it revolves around a family that are in the same line of business. Donnie Walhberg is such a surprise to me, I didn't know he was such a good actor. It used to be on Friday nights at 10 (such a bad timeslot!) but it moved to Wednesday so I'm able to watch it more now.

I'm loving Yogi Green Tea. It seemed like I was the only person not drinking tea that I knew so I decided to start. I wanted to drink green tea because its suppose to be good for you. I tried Lipton Green Tea but my sister came home with the Yogi Green Tea and it tastes much better. There are several different types of the Yogi Green Tea but we have been using the Super Antioxidant.

I'm loving my family always.

That's all I'm loving this Wednesday. Hope you're having a good day!

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kendrasue said...

I'm over from What I'm Loving Wednesday! I have the same water bottle and love it!

Kit said...

You are loving some great things :) I love green tea too! I have been drinking so much of it lately!

Simply Southern Me said...

I love my Thermos water bottle too! Thanks so much for letting me know my blog wasn't allowing comments. I wondered why no one was commenting anymore, no wander! Hopefully it's fixed now since I changed my template and settings.

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