February 17, 2011

What I'm Playing is Jack

Linking Up for What I'm Playing Thursday.


Today I'm playing one of my favorite musicians: Jack Johnson. He's such a cutie, lives in Hawaii, likes to surf, plays the guitar, and cares and the enviroment. What else can you ask for?

When I was in Hawaii for work (yes, work) the restaurant/bar in our hotel had this song on loop so you would hear like 4 times in an hour. It always reminds me of the fun we had there.

I think this video is so funny with Andy Samberg.

Since it's all gloomy and rainy here today, I wanted to see this video since I love the ocean part of it. It looks so beautiful and I wish I was there instead of here right now! And he just looks so cute with Curious George.

What are you playing this Thursday?


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Cait said...

LOVE JACK JOHNSON and all the songs you posted :) great choice girl!

Belle in the City said...

oh my goodness, jack johnson is a little cutie...loveeee him! and i'm super jealous that you went to hawaii for WORKKK? thanks for linking up girl! xoxo

cRk said...

I love Jack Johnson, banana pancakes is my favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jack Johnson! He is the amazing to listen to. The entire Curious George soundtrack is awesome! It brings back great memories!

VICKYFF said...

Scarves Scarves
These pictures really beautiful, in which station to collect it?Oh darling,what happy images. loved them.
:)I love these pictures and the header on your blog!enti

* Jessica * said...

I play Jack Johnson ALL the time at work! It's just such soothing music!

Virginia said...

Love those songs!! Hope you have a good friday! XO, Virginia

Simply Southern Me said...

I've been listening to Jack Johnson all week! He's one of my favorite artists to study to along with A Fine Frenzy.

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