February 3, 2011

Thursday Finds

I did a little shopping today because I wanted to finish getting everything for the Pink Swap I'm participating in. I found a set of pink and green socks that are perfectly preppy!

I got everything for the Pink Swap too. I thought I was spending too much but then I went back and read the rules and the limit is $30 (I thought it was $20). I was just a few cents shy of $30 so it worked out perfectly!

Another thing I found today was this new link up called "What I'm Playing Thursday"! I found it on Michelle's blog a little bit of this & that and I immediately had to check it out. I LOVE music. I'm usually listening to something all day long. I figured this would be perfect for me. So here it goes...What I'm Playing Thursday.


I haven't even seen this movie but I love Leighton. This song is just so peppy and upbeat, I can't help but love it and dream of summer days to come.

I love Carrie and this song is one of my favorites. She looks amazing in this video and I love to listen to it while working out. I guess it inspires me so I can get legs like hers!

Head on over to Belle in the City's We're Just Like You Only Prettier and Musings of a Mermaid to link up and let us know what you're playing this Thursday


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cRk said...

I have those socks! I love them!! Thanks for entering the giveaway! I look forward to following you!! Good luck!

Erin said...

Thanks for linking up! Wouldn't we all love legs like carrie's?? Lol. have a great weekend! <3

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