February 26, 2011

Princess Project

Today I am volunteering for The Princess Project!

The Princess Project is a organization that collects formal dresses and provides them free of charge to high-school girls who otherwise cannot afford them. There are different days to volunteer. Today I'm helping with the dress sort which is where we go through the dresses that have been donated and put them on the racks according to size and color. In a few weeks, I will be doing a dress giveaway day. I did this last year and it was so fun. The dress sort is fun since you get to go through all the dresses and see how crazy some of them are and how pretty others are. One thing I learned while volunteering is how heavy formal dresses are! I definitely give it up to the ladies on "Say Yes to the Dress." The dress giveaway day I volunteered at last year was crazy hectic but so fun and rewarding. I worked at the "check-out" station so I was able to see all the girls leave with their dresses. They were all so happy and so grateful to be able to have a dress. It was such a rewarding experience and you can't help be feel happy after volunteering there!


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LKO said...

I've heard about this - sounds great! Enjoy your day.

cRk said...

That sounds great!! I left you a tag on my blog!!

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